Idiomatic Translations Affiliate Social Media Guidelines

We’re so excited to have you as an affiliate partner and appreciate your enthusiasm for sharing Idiomatic Translations on social media! To ensure a consistent and positive brand image, we ask all affiliates to follow these guidelines:

1. Disclosure

  • Transparency is key: Always clearly disclose your affiliate relationship with Idiomatic Translations. Use terms like “affiliate,” “sponsored,” or “ad” in your posts.
  • Follow platform rules: Learn and abide by the specific disclosure guidelines of each platform you use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

2. Approved Content

  • Use our resources: We’ll provide you with branded images, banners, and pre-written text for your social posts. Please use these whenever possible.
  • Own it (with guidance): If you create your own content, keep it on-brand and aligned with our values. Focus on the benefits of our translation services and how they solve translation problems. We’re happy to provide additional guidance as needed.

3. Be Positive & Respectful

  • Share the love: Highlight what you genuinely enjoy about Idiomatic Translations services.
  • Avoid negativity: Never make false or misleading claims about our services, or disparage competitors.
  • Kindness matters: Engage with your audience in a respectful and professional manner.

4. Hashtags

  • Official hashtags: Include #IdiomaticTranslations and other relevant, approved hashtags we provide.
  • Overboard = ineffective: Don’t overstuff your posts with excessive hashtags. Focus on a few targeted ones.

5. When in Doubt, Ask

  • We’re here to help: If you’re unsure about anything related to promoting Idiomatic Translations on social media, please reach out to us! [Insert your affiliate program contact email].

Additional Considerations

  • Review regularly: We may update these guidelines from time to time, so check back for changes.
  • Set a good example: Your adherence to these guidelines sets a positive tone for our brand reputation.

Example Disclosures

Here are some acceptable ways to disclose your affiliate relationship:

  • “I’m excited to be an affiliate for Idiomatic Translations! Check them out for top-notch translation services. #IdiomaticTranslations #affiliate”
  • “Need a translation? I love using Idiomatic Translations. (This is a sponsored post.) #IdiomaticTranslations”

Thank you for partnering with us!